…жизнь человека на России не стоит ничего

Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen - Shine [MI-346]

Watching the movement
The morning fractures the sky
Waiting to see the reflection react in your eyes
Suspending the moment, the silence breaks through
And we all roll like the waves on the tide
Fragile like crystal we shatter together
And wait for the storm to subsides

And it comes right out of the blue
When the love shines down on you
You may try to resist
But there's nothing you can do
You will feel, you will know
When the love shines on you

Don't let go of my hand, don't leave me alone
Believe in the dream we both shared
Make this island our home
But you leave when you want to
You know I can't hold you
Your spirit so free and so wild
Something inside me will always deny
You can't hide

Oh, shines
Shines down on you

It shines
Shines down on me
Shines down on me
Down on me
Love shines on me
Oh, it shines
Shines down on me


Roger Shah & Sian Kosheen - Shine (Sean Tyas Remix)