…Если б не патриотизм, сраную сдали бы Наполеону еще тогда. Жили бы не хуже Польши или Финляндии

Me & My - Let The Love Go On

Let the love go on, on and on
It's so cold ont there
Take my hand
And you'll be strong, on and on
With our love we can lay down the world
Let's lay down the world

I know you say that all my dreams won't come true
I know you feel that I am blind, just a fool
But if you just listen once
And if you just tried it once
You'll feel the peace in your soul

Day by day, I see the love in youe eyes
I know you feel you build your life on a lie
Cause now you know how strong it is
You see how love can give you peace
You hold the key to your soul

Take my hand and you will see
Sweet love in harmony
With our love we can lay down the world