…Путинизм — есть кагэбистская власть плюс дебилизация всей страны.

Brüno - Dove of Peace

I've written a song
that I hope is gonna bring the world together
Put down your guns and bombs
and just make love forever (Okay then)

He's come to heal the world
and make our nations calm down
I am the Austrian Jesus
He is the white Obama (He's the white Obama)

War's just based on hate and fear
Stop fighting North and South Korea
You're both basically Chinese

He's Brüno, dove of peace
Ey yo Brüno, where the bitches at?
You are Brüno, dove of peace
You're a [?], you got the [?]
You are Brüno, dove of peace
(No I love black guys, I'm a chocoholic)
You are Brüno, dove of peace

I have a dream for the Third World: clean water, food and teaching
In every village and every town, a place for anal bleeching

We need to rid the world of hunger
I'm just like Bono except much younger
He is only nineteen
Ich bin Brüno, dove of peace

Ey ey, he gay, he gay