…Долой преступный фашистский оккупационный бандитский путинский режим!

Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler

Rock the microphone
Straight from the top of my dome
Rock the microphone
Carry on with the freestyler

I got to throw on and go on
You know I got to flow on
Selectors on ya, radio play us
'cause we're friendly for ozone
But that's not all so hold on tight
As I rock the mic right
Oh, excuse me, pardon
As I synchronise with the analysed
Upcomin' vibes, the session
Let there be a lesson, question
You carry protection
Or will your heart go on
Like Celine Dion?
Karma Chameleon
Yeah - straight from the top of my dome
As I rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the microphone

(Scratch - hit me)
Styles, steelos -
We bring many kilos
So you could pick yours - from the various
Ambitious, nutrious, delicious, delirious or vicious
Just tell us - we deliver anything
From acappellas to best sellers
Suckers get jealous but their soft like marshmallows
You know they can't handle us like Debbie does Dallas
Yeah, we come scandalous so who the fuck is Alice
Is from the Buckingham Palace