…Чтобы убить Россию, надо сначала убить Россию в себе.

Bobina & May-Britt Scheffer - Born Again (Denis Kenzo Remix)

I've been looking for a meaning
I've been searching for a feeling
To make it all worthwhile
And make it worth the fight

I've been chasing all the answers
Trying to move away from the darkness
To make myself complete
Give me all I need

I didn't know I would make it through
Nothing for me to hold on to
I didn't know I was looking for love
Till I love you

Now come to my life
I believe in the heart of love
I've given all I've got
Yeah Yeah
With you, I'm born again

I've been looking for the freedom
I've been searching for a reason
To have it all make sense
Believe in trust again

I've been hoping for a new birth
Rising from the ashes of the old earth
To build myself a home
A place that I will know

via https://youtu.be/yiF-09X56us?start=814