…Если б не патриотизм, сраную сдали бы Наполеону еще тогда. Жили бы не хуже Польши или Финляндии

Aurosonic & Frainbreeze ft. Nina Schofield - Lift you up

Memories are hard to break into... till I met you.
The long, the gone,
forgotten days had faded deep into my days. All mine...

But here you are in front of me, the day,
the night, the in-between... take them...

How can I be... falling... falling... falling
When we've seen this all before
How we're marching straight towards

Oh if I lift you up
Will you let me down again... Yeah.
Oh if you take my love
Will we live and lay like that... Yeah.

What would we do to stay again... Yeah...