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Aurosonic ft. Stella Grant - Starfall

Hear my song
Just while I tell you something
Hear my voice
I'm looking for my angel

Tell me if
You'd build a lonely heaven
Tell me why
You'd fly away forever

Look inside myself
Look inside your heart
Look deep inside
Look beside my heart

Here I am
For I helped you in this land
Let me see
The more you hide the minute

Take me now
Where you and me began
Just receive
The colors of the heaven

'Cause I think you're floating in the air
'Cause I feel away from you
'Cause I need like before

So you were in my dreams
Show me what you see there

'Cause I need you like before
Don't forget about me
Take my love without you

'Cause I feel you so strong
You don't have to worry
Let me see my heaven
'Cause you leave me so dark
I will always love you
Let me see my heaven